Making Your Own Fire Pit Screen

If you have a fire pit, you would surely want to consider buying a screen for it. However, a screen can be a tad costly. Not everyone can afford something so expensive. There may be a few cheaper options of the fire pit screen but even the cheaper ones are considerably expensive. That is the reason why it is ideal to make your own fire pit screen cover. Once you learn how to make it, you will find that it is much easier and even economical. Plus, it is an excellent DIY project!

Making Your Own Screen

Following are the tips that you must follow in order to make a nice fire pit screen:

fire pit screen square

  • To start off with, you should list down the dimensions of your fire pit. The circumference will do. Only when you know the right size of the pit will you be able to make the perfect outdoor fire pit screen. Don’t resort to guess work. If you go wrong, all your hard work will go down the drain.
  • Take a grill and place it on top of the pit directly. Don’t start the fire until you do this.
  • If the grill fits, you are good to go. If not, you might need to purchase more grills so that you cover the pit entirely. If you have barbecue grills, they can come handy. Check them out and see if they are enough to cover the entire pit. Buy more if needed.
  • If you need just one grill, your job is done. If you need more than one grill, you need to do some more hard work to make the fire pit screen. Use wire cutters to cut a long wire into a smaller one based on your requirements. Now wrap it around the edges of the two grills that you have. Be very careful at this stage.

fire pit screen cover round

  • Now lay them over the fire pit. That’s it!
  • You will also find replacement fire pit screen in the market if you wish to simply replace your existing screen. The market has many options and if you don’t want to make your own, you might want to check the available options out for your propane fire pit table or the traditional fire pit.

A fire pit screen is more of a requirement because it ensures that you cook outdoors safely. Lack of screen can make embers shoots out of the fire and damage your property or even start a fire. Thus, you should either invest in a good screen or make one yourself.